Fast Train to Nowhere!

January 27, 2010
By John

I had intended to write something serious about tonight’s SOU.  And I probably will.  But I just read on the Atlantic website that the President is going to announce funding for an $8-billion High Speed train to ferry unemployed workers around New England and the Middle Atlantic urban centers.  I thought we were broke, and going to ‘freeze spending’ for three years.  Is this a new way to keep those unemployed bankers and insurers off the streets and out of trouble?

Throwing Hobos From a Train?

I must have missed something in the press release.  Didn’t we just fund a couple billion of stimulus money for the Disney-Vegas carnival ride?  Aren’t we handing over a couple billion more to Amtrak?  Didn’t we hand the auto industry to the UAW?  Haven’t we done enough to the Transportation Industry from one term?  And by the by, aren’t we ringing up a $1.3 trillion deficit again this year?  Didn’t CBO just publish a finding that tax revenues at the Federal level are down over 20% in the last year alone?  Aren’t we agreed we’re going broke in a hurry?

So why more trains?  Why do big government types always go back to trains?  Because FDR rode on one?  Because Harry Truman got a great photo op on one?  They do need lots of union contracts.  They also need lots of lawyers to fill out EIR’s and seize right of ways from Grandma’s everywhere.  They need lots of subsidies, too, because they always lose money.  And you can put funny names on hundreds of railcars.  What could be more fun?

But I digress.  We have a major address tonight from our chastened President.  I want to believe he is hearing our cries that enough is enough.

But High Speed Trains?  Again?  Why couldn’t it be a moon base?  At least it would be out of sight.


POST SOU CORRECTION:  Apparently it’s not an $8-billion proposal.  It’s a $13-billion proposal.  And it includes fast trains (likely made in China) to be deployed in 3 of the 4 corners of the United States.  We have not, however, received confirmation as to whether there will be hobo handles installed on the roofs of the rail cars to prevent hoblowbye.  – Editor

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One Response to “ Fast Train to Nowhere! ”

  1. JoJoTo4 on January 28, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Yes a fast train to nowhere! You’ve hit the nail on the head, direct hit! Now the speech, because to me it wasn’t a state of the union address , but more cover up, smooth it over for one more year!! I’m not an expert in politics; don’t claim to be or do I want to, truth is I would not associate with 99% of politicians but that’s just me. If you know me I take life with a lot of humor and say pretty much what’s on my mind, without out regret because my observations are usually right on the mark. Now this is a little serious. We have another non military president telling the military that he wants gays in the military, I normally do not use a word three times in one sentence, and again this is serious. I was in the army unlike Mr. Obama and another former president who tried this very same thing a few years back. What he and his advisors don’t understand the military is governed by the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) they regulate themselves, because civilians just don’t understand what it takes to run the military. They can’t make the decisions necessary and probably wouldn’t want to. You have people in the armed forces that are unstable at best with a weapon in their hands, now the picture gets a little clearer, for those who have never served. They want to shoot something and don’t really care what or who it is. Hey they’re in the military to go to battle and kill; sometimes it’s just that simple! They are good people but they have to do a job that most would not do! Is it right you decide, but it is what it is. I’m very proud to have served in the armed forces and extremely grateful for the men and woman who put their lives on the line everyday for us, freedom has a price, and it’s expensive! But all that will happen is good people will be hurt and careers will be ruined! History will repeat its self just as it did during the Clinton administration! Politicians need to get their information right, they have a serious job and need to be well educated in what they say and do! They don’t seem to understand that people’s lives are changed when they do these stupid things, or maybe they just don’t care, after all their still working with no layoffs and even a pay raise! Hey maybe they are smarter than me, no just less of a conscience! Well we have had in the past years, two Bush nations, one Clinton Nation and now the Obama nation! I guess that says it all!

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