Contacting Congress – We Are All Spam Now

March 18, 2010
By John

This is going to be my shortest post, ever.  And it is another interruption of my ‘Are We Broke?’ series.  But this appears to be the week we live or die on ObamaCare.  And that bill is the most important – and frightening – bit of social engineering ever contemplated by an American Congress.

Like many folks, I have tried calling representatives nominally on the fence about the bill this week – the “Uncommitteds” (sounds like a Nicole Kidman film about disembodied spirits, doesn’t it?).  There are around 50 of them – supposedly.  But the Capital switchboards were jammed – and I didn’t have much luck getting through.

How Today's Congress Sees Voters

So I tried to use a medium that cannot be so easily overrun by high traffic levels - namely email – to get my message of opposition across.  I haven’t finished going through the list of Uncommitteds yet, but was interested to discover how many Congresspeople don’t accept emails from zip codes outside of their district.  As some do accept them – it’s all run through a common hosting system - I must presume it’s an individual decision as to whether or not they wish to hear from us.  And clearly many just see us as so much Spam. 

I would certainly encourage anyone interested in this topic to express his or her views to any elected representative anywhere – but I caution you that many of them have chosen not to hear you.  You can find a list of ‘Uncommitteds’ on, as well as on, and numerous tea party/conservative sites.  Call or write – do it now.

And I would ask that we remember who among them ultimately betrays our wishes and our Constitution by supporting bill – 73% of us want to scrap this bill and start over  - and vow to give financial and moral support to anyone running against them should they ever stand for any office, anywhere, ever again.

This is wrong, and they are playing Judas with respect to the future of our Republic.  For two thousand years, nobody in the world has named their child ‘Judas’.  We should do our best to remember these folks for at least that long.

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  1. JoJoTo4 on March 28, 2010 at 5:47 pm

    They are all out of touch with the people that put them there. So lets get they out in Nov.That’s all I have to say about that!!

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