Are We Broke (Part 1a)? Health Rights on the Yellow Brick Road to Misery

March 23, 2010
By John

(This is the second in a series of postings about the extent of US liabilities, their implications for our economy and personal wealth, and a path out of the mess we are in.  The Series was interrupted last week because developments in the health care debate demanded all of our attention.  This column transitions us back to the critical question “Are We Broke?”)

It seems almost funny to ask whether we’re broke in the wake of the House passing ObamaCare on Sunday evening.  If Medicare is $37-trillion in the hole after just a few decades on the books – and it covers only about 20% of the population (the oldest part, admittedly) – imagine what ObamaCare will cost us in a few years?  If we accept the claim of the Progressive left that health care is now a ‘right’ – like breathing, speech and faith – then how can there be limits to that ‘right’?  Don’t I now have a ‘right’ to foot massages (I have plantar fasciitis), or to a tummy tuck (can’t seem to lose a stubborn 20 pounds that will certainly contribute to diabetes or heart disease in the future)?  And what will my new ‘rights’ cost my neighbors and children?

And there are other, possibly even more pernicious costs to consider.  For example:

  • What will the loss of medical information privacy rights cost our dignity and personal security?
  • What will shoving 16 million more poor people onto Medicaid cost – and will there be any doctors to serve those unlucky stiffs if Congress has the gall to cut doctor fees by 21% as the bill assumes?
  • How much more will forcing everyone into a one-size-fits-all, lobbyist-purchased standard national plan (the Secretary of HHS has 18 months to write the standard) cost us?  And how much will service providers pay lobbyists and Congressmen to get their wares on that must-offer list?
  • What will the imposition of a buck a month per person in abortion taxes cost our souls?
  • How much will the billions of dollars of sleazy vote buying (on your credit card, please note) char our political culture and tarnish our Constitution?
  • What will the imposition of yet another ‘entitlement’ – this time via thuggish means – do to the character of our people now and in the future?
  • And how long do we have before skyrocketing costs force us to create a ‘master budget’ for health care – and then begin rationing it (as they have in all other socialized care nations – and as they are about to do in Massachusetts)?

The Future Of Health Care - and Personal Choice

In the false name of ‘insurance reform’, this bill takes massive steps toward destroying any semblance of ‘market pricing’ for medical products and services – and will drive us toward a command economy structure for our health-related industries.  And we know how well command economies have worked out for their citizenry.  Hello, central planning.

Well, it’s the law for now.   Congratulations to the Statists who understood that our system requires some level of mutual goodwill and trust among the elected principals to function – and that all they needed to do to seize power was act outside of the expected rules of conduct  – as there was no way to stop them if they did.  We have raised a political class that really doesn’t know how to defend the Constitution or the Republic when the betrayers are other elected officials, and the remaining devotees of American constitutionalism are only now awakening to the extent of the threat within their midst.  And as we have a Judiciary that is largely complicit in the unlimited extension of federal power, we cannot look to the third branch of government to save us.  So the citizens of the Republic are left to fix it themselves.   And it starts this November.

Rough Truths expects we will fight the health care battle at least through the 2012 elections, and prays that we can redirect our national “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” into calmer waters before the financial markets finish the job for us.   But the Rough Truth is that our current leaders don’t care if we collapse financially, because they somehow believe they’ll be running things when it happens.  Fat Chance.

In the meantime, Rough Truths will now return to the Series “Are We Broke?”, and discuss where we are headed with renewed vigor (and terror).   That starts later today.

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3 Responses to “ Are We Broke (Part 1a)? Health Rights on the Yellow Brick Road to Misery ”

  1. Bill Reeves on March 27, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    I disagree – we will fight until the heroin kicks into the system in 2014. Once the heroin is there, then the game’s over. But until then we have a chance.

  2. John on March 27, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    You are correct – and we have but a short window to fix this before we are cast upon heavy seas without a sail, a rudder or a compass. No time to rest for a while.

  3. JoJoTo4 on March 30, 2010 at 9:06 am

    I see a scene for Mel Brook’s History of the World Part 1. The United States is in rubble a group of Democrats are grunting and hollering whose fault it was and out of the smoky rubble of our country they see the Constitution still its case. They gather all around start to read, the ones that can explain it to the rest. They stand on the rubble scratching their heads and then the epiphany, Oh that’s what it means!! All too late it’s all gone, now what do we do and start all over blaming each other, grunting and hollering and it starts over because they’re not smart enough to learn from their mistakes!

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