Progressive Pivot: Tax, Blame or Cookies Anyone?

January 22, 2010
By John

Only two (2) days after ObamaCare was thrashed by an aroused Massachusetts electorate, they’re already at it again in Progressiveland.  Like a pack of zombies whose endless appetite for yummy-crunchy-taxpayers was interrupted by a heretofore compliant herd of New Englanders, the Washington liberal elite are scouring the streets and valleys of America in search of someone new to tax, punish or blame.

The cover for this effort is to assure us it is time to ‘pivot’ and focus on ‘jobs and the economic recovery’.  Has our leadership pivoted toward jobs and recovery by:

  • Announcing a visit to Hiroshima and doubtless finding reason to apologize for something (I wonder what that could be?).
  • Howling in feigned outrage at a Supreme Court decision which struck a firm blow for free speech?
  • Threatening a financial sector that the Feds continue to subsidize to the tune of a few trillion dollars, even at risk to the dollar itself?
  • Raising the debt we’re dumping on our grandchildren by another $1.9 trillion without the slightest concern for reducing spending first?
  • Insisting that we just sent an independent conservative to sit in Teddy’s chair so that DC progressives would understand it’s high time to get way more liberal?
  • Demanding that heretofore impotent Republicans join a bipartisan commission to decide how much to raise taxes to pay for the Democrats’ near orgasmic spending spree of ’09, or offering them the ‘opportunity’ to destroy the economy through CO2 regulation?
  • Or perhaps by putting a conservative Congresswoman in her place by demanding she ‘act like a lady’?

Was that the sound of my own choking, or did Warren Buffett just break the sound barrier on his way out of DC?

I’m thinking just maybe they don’t get it yet.  Well, most of them.  A few, like Evan Bayh, are getting voice mails from political funeral parlors and will soon be seeking miracle cures from mineral springs near the Reagan library.  But the rest of them seem ready to pounce headfirst into the nearest tar pit in hopes they can still resurrect glorious ‘30’s before we vote them out in November.

Why are DC progressives so intent on flinging themselves into a seething pool of pre-crude oil slime?  Because to be a contemporary progressive is to think that the possession of wealth through private initiative is unjust, and that its creation thereby is basically an act of theft.  And therefore its seizure and control by society – as reflected in the actions of the elected State – is a moral imperative.  They further believe it is hidden in metaphorical cookie jars that need to be cracked open and ‘spread around a little’ to earn the allegiance of an American electorate anxious to lay waste to selfish capitalists.

Unfortunately for the cookie hunters, the Rough Truth is that wealth is easier to destroy than create.   Money lost in the stock and real estate markets last year didn’t ‘go’ anywhere.  It’s just gone – nobody picked up the change.  It wasn’t ‘fake’ wealth during the bubble – we could have cashed out at any time and kept the money.  We believed it was real, and it was real.  But foolish policies and actions destroyed our faith in our wealth, and now it is gone.  Sadly, there’s no cookie jar where we can find the lost dough.

Another Rough Truth is that Americans respect and desire private wealth.  They don’t want it used for wrongful purposes, and they don’t like their noses ground in the excesses of others.  And we really don’t appreciate it when the wealthy use their resources to influence the government to artificially enrich themselves.  But we know it poor people don’t often hire anybody, and admire those who are successful building wealth through honest initiative.

Yet another Rough Truth is that today’s progressive presupposes that taxes, regulation, ‘worker rights’, capital controls and expanding debt are tools that can be used to grow public wealth in place of private wealth.  That’s patently ridiculous.  Public ‘wealth’ is not self-sustaining – it survives by taxing private work and wealth, and erodes quickly when that industry stalls.  The final Rough Truth is that use of these tools ensures that when leftists crack open a cookie jar, there’s nothing but dust left inside.

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One Response to “ Progressive Pivot: Tax, Blame or Cookies Anyone? ”

  1. JoJoTo4 on January 22, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    We, the people of the United States of America are the most powerful people on the planet! Yet we have no idea how to use it! There is nothing we can’t do if we work together! Yet we keep choosing the same politicians to run us into ruin, they still come out smelling like a rose, and we come out smelling like something the cat drug in. Like sheep we keep on electing them, like sheep we keep on getting fleeced. Maybe, we should be the wolves for a change and take this country back. It’s easy to say my constitutional rights, but do we really mean it. There is a paragraph in the constitution that states! It is not only our right, but it is our duty to change things that are very wrong. Now our forefathers put it more eloquently than I can, but I think it’s time for change. So maybe we should stop saying, “look what they’ve done now,” and get together a change it. Then again what do I know I can’t even count to 1.9 trillion!

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