What are Rough Truths?

Rough Truths are clearly expressed, common sense observations that make us uncomfortable.    And Rough Truths are a call to action for those who choose to absorb them.  The expression of Rough Truths was once a uniquely American art form – with its high practitioners stretching in a long line from Adams, Payne and Jefferson to Reagan, Kennedy and King.

But the age of Rough Truths seems lost in a misty past when word parsing and misdirection have replaced them as the lingua franca of the Republic.  When we fear false offense and feigned injustice at the expense of being true to our own hearts and beliefs, Rough Truths wither and die.  And when we know they are dying, their expression makes us  miserable.  So we default to feel-good bromides rooted in false premises, and deny our need to be honest with ourselves and our fellow citizens.   The denial of Rough Truths takes us on an inexorable path toward becoming what we loathe – dependent, fawning and weak.

This blog is about the Rough Truths of our time.  It is a running commentary about America, its industries and political leaders of both parties whose actions are driving our Republic into an epic Constitutional crisis.  It is an objection to the continued pursuit of statist economic policies that are crushing our private sector and relegating our citizens to self-imposed vassalage.  And it inveighs against the destruction of our wealth and currency by committing future generations to mounds of debt that can never be repaid through work or industry.

It is also about finding a path to national health, and a place where individuals are allowed to pursue their own interests without the grinding assault of an indifferent bureaucratic state.   It refuses to accept the false comforts of those would cradle us into submission through an unending flurry of laws and regulations, and demands liberty instead.  It is a cry for personal liberty, and for restoration of our federal system to its proper constitutional balance.

We can restore America.  We have the resources, the people, the knowledge and the accumulated wisdom of the greatest leaders in world history to draw upon.  We need only unshackle ourselves from the self-imposed sufferance of an over-reaching nanny state.  We must get a little dirtier, take a little more risk, and trust one another again to re-ignite the fires of commerce and liberty.  To do so, we must renew the values and institutions which build our character and encourage us to pursue our own gifts, to the best of our ability and for our own benefit.

It is time for the advocates of liberty to find their voices in Rough Truths.

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